Target binaries "_d" debug postfix isn't mandatory

Hi all!
Thank you all very much for such a great game engine!

There is one build issue I want to notice:
cmake has special variable CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX and Urho3D cmake scripts seems to not respect this :frowning:
android debug release build all generates libUrho3D.a
but mingw debug will produce libUrho3D_d.a and msvs debug build result will be Urho3D_d.lib no matter what value contains CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX :confused:

Is it behaviour was mentioned to be or it is an issue?

// sorry for my English

Welcome to our forum.

Perhaps it will be clear to you when you look at this build script “Source/Engine/CMakeLists.txt”. At the top we have this CMake variable set as such. if (WIN32) set (CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX _d) endif () Thus, we will always get _d postfix for debug build on Windows platform. On non-Windows platform, it does not make too much sense to differentiate between debug and release library by using postfix naming convention, at least to me.

Ok, thx to clarifying this up!