Texture renders black on Android

I have a really small texture 3x6, It works properly on Desktop but it renders black on Android. The log doesn’t show any warnings or errors. Is there anything special I need to enable in order to make it work ?
Link to the texture: i.imgur.com/vJw3sxe.png

It might need to be power of 2 to work on mobile. As far as I know the video card still allocates a power of 2 memory for the image. This way it can do efficient mipmap filtering and things like that.

Basically this is a voxel texture it doesn’t need any filtering that’s why it is so small. Is there a proper way to cheat the power of 2 limitation I read somewhere it shouldn’t cause problems if I don’t need filtering.

Why not just convert it to a power of 2 and do some clipping/resizing if necessary…

Your image now 8x8

I’d suggest reading up this article on NPOT textures. If we get support for OpenGL ES 3.0, it will be a non-issue. However this is going to be a limiting factor on OpenGL ES 2.0 and below. Even if we try to enable the extension, it would only work on some android devices, and iOS would be out of the question AFAIK.

I tried resizing the image to power of 2 but it forces me to tweak the UVs with the same scale ratio wich leads to details that will overlap. Does anyone know a better way ?