The last english release?

In releases:

What’s that suppose to mean? :thinking: Is that some kind of typo?

No, everything is correct. Due to the toxicity of the English-speaking audience and the lack of those willing to participate in the development, the engine has been reoriented to the Russian-speaking community. Also, most likely Wei Tjong will stop paying for the domain for the forum. Good luck staying.

This is why people are switching to rbfx

Oh wow. Welp…that’s interesting

Actually, where is this Russian speaking community? Is there another forum?

Well, I think it is time for a fork focused on keeping Urho3D what it is and what it always was. I’ve decided to kick off U3D and would welcome anyone wanting to keep the engine libre.


U3D is based on the last known stable version of Urho3D, b159ae72b29cf8198fa966a3352659bd7cc50383 specifically.

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Literally 90% of professionalism is moving yourself into the conventions of a project whether you like them or not. Stomping unsigned into int because of something random C++ Pundit #75 said is being the punk that starts a C++ job and asks why they don’t rewrite it all in C# (there’s always someone, always).

You can bitch, curse, and moan pretty much nonstop and nobody cares - it’s whatever, but when you run roughshod over the way things are done or impede sole avenues of effective forward motion - people will be very unhappy. I don’t agree 100% with various RBFX bits, thus I maintain a far diverged Urho, but I agree a whole lot more with that and that there is actually forward motion … then I do with nonsensically swapping out unsigned for signed on the most oversized whim imaginable.

@u3d will you take ported PRs for compute, surround-sound, and openxr? Or are you about just keeping certain that 1.7 is kept archived somewhere safe?


What annoys me the most is that everyone writes about containers, as if I didn’t do anything else. If no one likes the changes I make, then nothing will change for you. If you discard my changes, then there will be no changes at all. This way you just stay on the old version of the engine. Well, apart from the fact that the engine won’t even compile on the latest compilers.

You don’t like changing containers in Urho3D, but replacing containers and throwing away a bunch of functionality in rbfx is forward motion… Ok…

@hunkalloc Why are you posting from a fake account?

By the way, you are a bad programmer. All you were doing was throwing away raw pieces of shit and saying, “Hey, I am genius. I drop you a piece of semi-working code. Finish if you want, and I’ll move on, I have a lot more genius shit to do." And you even deleted your repositories and all post from the forum because no one appreciated your genius.

You need to take an earlier version, since you will not be able to maintain my binding generator

It doesn’t even break backwards compatibility. Yours cycles with unsigned still working with changed containers. But you are too genius to understand this.