The legendary fish on your desktop! 🐟

I did a quick project on the side which must be one of the simplest Qt + Urho3D applications in existence.

64-bit Linux binary


I love me some aquatic action

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At first I wanted Urho to swim across your desktop, but I figured making that happen would take too much time at this point. Maybe I’ll add it later. Pull requests are also welcome.

Note that this could serve as an example for any fully 3D desktop widget. Things like (the despised) Clippy, a full aquarium, snow globes, 3D file managers and fancy clocks could all have QUrho as their starting point. I think that makes it important to get this right. Not all that is 3D is games.

If anyone thinks Qt is overkill in these cases, please link your fork that does the same in a different way.

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Urho now hunts your cursor like a voracious beast! :grin:

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