The Unity editor, Unity games and Steam are spyware

I recently ran into this Spyware Watchdog website which concludes that the Unity editor, many Unity games and Steam are in fact spyware.
You can read the articles for yourself:

Again I’m glad to have Urho at my disposal.

There’s also a list of articles about web browsers, btw.

Not really surprising since they moved to become a service and platform company instead of a product based one. Stock Unity is inferior to pretty much everything, though I applaud some of their permissively licensed work.

I am a bit puzzled how they manage to dodge GDPR on all of this though given that GDPR explicitly says defaults will be OFF. I suspect they don’t in a fashion not unlike how most US companies don’t bother to pay VAT on their EU dealings.

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Good point. Maybe they just didn’t get to it yet. Or someone should tell some board dealing with these issues.

So… developers are expected to install a plug-in for Unity to be able to make their games GDPR-compliant? Which makes me assume many Unity game developers could technically be sued? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As quoted from the Asset Store: