Third person shooter with Urho3D

I have seen the Urho CharacterDemo in the Samples directory and i want to do something similar. I want to make my own Character so i also need animations, i have noticed the Mutant animations are of ani file extension. Could you tell me how can i create those animations .ani files? Are those the only extensions Urho3D supports? And also any reading you recommend me for this task? Thank you in advance

The Urho3D-Blender add-on works great for that purpose.

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Thank you !!! But the addon doesnt work in my end, maybe i need to downgrade Blender

I stopped updating Blender for other reasons, so I don’t know about the current 2.80+ situation.

the plugin has some unknown bugs

The plugin works for me with 2.83 at least. What bugs are you running into?

maybe transform error , i am not clear