Time out netowrking?


Question how do you increase the timeout of networking in Urho3D for debugging and testing? We want to debug the networking client-server aspect but a timeout limit of 1 minute is limiting?


[quote]… after 1 minute server makes client disconnect
[3:01:15 PM] ???: or client is dicsonnected due to server is debugging
[3:01:57 PM] ???: also there will be one issue
[3:02:05 PM] ???: within performance
[3:02:23 PM] ???: but i need to test it before say any conclusions
[3:03:16 PM] ???: can you ask on the forum, how can set larger time out time in order to debug server or client ?

The disconnect timeout is a constant in kNet and not configurable, at least presently. See github.com/juj/kNet/blob/master … ection.cpp