Tools For Urho3D

Amazing! Thanks for your hard work.

the ide looks cool.
Does it work on linux?
I have a silly structure now, Im curios if I would need to change it. I have my project files seperate from the build folder. Where I link them into the bin folder in the build. Would I need to rethink this method using this tool?

The IDE looks wonderful. Very familiar and easy on the eyes coming from VS2013.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to get intellisense working, which is what I was really hoping to use.

I followed the instructions:

I made the bin folder and put ScriptAPI.dox and ScriptCompiler.exe in there. But I have no idea where to get dump.h, or to compile (compile what exactly?) to get intellisense working.

Much obliged. Copying the AngelscriptAPI.h to the bin folder and renaming did the trick, and now I have sweet, sweet intellisense. Thanks :slight_smile:

This looks fantastic ! Both tools are definitely needed in a healthy workflow.

Thanks for the hard work :smiley:

Edit: I tried these out briefly, very nice from what I see so far !

How to generate Docs.xml?