Toon Shader (HLSL)

Loosely inspired by the Unity-chan shaders with a few extra niceties like MSDF ink lines and geometry-shader outline emission.

Above: MSDF for the black lines inside, 3 step tone-map, white rim-highlight, and GS-emitted outline.


  • Colormap (texture 0)
  • ToneMap (texture 7)
    • controls the shade falloff
    • leftmost is perpendicular, rightmost is aligned to the light direction


  • Hair highlight ring (cylindrical matcap basically)
    • tex 4
  • Matcap / Spherical environment map
    • tex 4
  • Rim highlight (TOON_RIMLIGHT)
  • MSDF Linework map for sharp sketch lines (TOON_LINE_MAP)
    • tex 5
  • Control map (force light/dark)
    • tex 3
    • R: min allowed shade, G: max allowed shade, B: unused, A: matcap mask
  • Vertical shade map
    • Clips maximum possible lighting, like the control map can
      • Nx1 texture is silly quick to update at runtime for changes (hat shadow, etc)
    • provide size coordinates for normalization to VerticalRampShift parameter
  • Specular is used as per legacy pipeline
    • not toon clipped in any way, it’s special

Toon.hlsl contains documentation at the top.


  • Geometry shader outlines included (if you have GS support)
    • emits flipped winding triangles
  • Toon_Outline.hlsl can be used in an additional render-path pass (with the culling flipped) to do outlines with the same config
    • OutlinePower: x = offset along normal, y = offset along view-vector

Shouldn’t be too much cruft in there. Tessellation (lots of code no one can use) and light-prepass stripped out (not for stock prepass, would be confusing to look at).

I’ll probably port to GLES3 and GL3.1 (interface blocks)


Do you have a material that uses this you could share?

Or a simple working sample.

Here’s the technique I start with when fiddling with it:

<technique vs="Toon" ps="Toon" psdefines="TOON_LINE_MAP" vsdefines="">
    <pass name="base" />
    <pass name="outline" vs="Toon_Outline" ps="Toon_Outline" cull="cw" />
    <pass name="light" depthtest="equal" depthwrite="false" blend="add" />
    <pass name="depth" vs="Depth" ps="Depth" />
    <pass name="shadow" vs="Shadow" ps="Shadow" />
    <alias unit="0" name="Color" />
    <alias unit="1" name="Normal Map" />
    <alias unit="2" name="Specular Map" />
    <alias unit="3" name="Control Map" />
    <alias unit="4" name="MatCap / Hair-Ring" />
    <alias unit="5" name="Linework" />
    <alias unit="6" name="Vertical Shade" />
    <alias unit="7" name="Tone Map" />

I plan to put together a sample scene but I need to write an appropriate environment toon-shader to go with all of this. This shader isn’t particularly great for anything that isn’t a first-class object (ie. saturation and extinction/inscattering for that cartoon background fade, etc). Probably have one ready by the weekend.

The alias tags up there are for my editor, left them there though because they do a good job of indicating what different samplers do.

MSDFs for the line maps have been generated with

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