Transparent Material

Hi, i have a problem with transparent block in my voxel test code. i dont understand why, it’s work sometime… , look the gif for the problem description :

i have read this topic : Transparent material with using DiffVCol Technique , but didnt help me. i need transparent material with unlight/unshadowed & vertex color support, like DiffVColAlpha, but didnt exist in my Technique folder, i the gif, i use BasicVColUnlitAlpha.xml.

i’m efraid to create my transparent block in separate geometry and add it at last into the engine. in my code , each chunck is represented by fixed array ( unsigned char ) , i apply a simple culling test for display only visible surface for each block. Anyone have simple solution for thats ? Thank.

If you don’t need semi-transparent things, you should use ALPHAMASK material instead of *Alpha tehniques.

Semi-transparent things should be rendered last, on the other hand.

Ok, i need to separate my geometry in two part. thanks for your help.

It seems for me that you don’t need semi-transparent geometry for the scene shown in gif. Am I wrong?

For now, i dont have semi transparent block, but after, i need it for water, or other liquid block. for glass is not necessary. with two std::map i can divide my geometry in two part, transparent and non transparent block.

Just in case: separate all three kinds of geometry (opaque, cutout transparent, semitransparent), rendering of the first two could be intermixed.

Ok, i take into account your topic