TRIVIAL Needs just to begin coding - please help

HI all, as said some days ago, i am new in this environment.
I am using the c# version and so i am trying to understand some little tutorials i found on xamarin site.

Now i am able to create a simple scene, i am able to add simple models and so on.
Now i’d like to add some movements to my models but i cannot understand how to respond to user input.

i’d like to add four circular buttons to the screen but i cannot understand how to do. And so on, i cannot understand where to find a simple reference for this kind of scripting :

<?xml version="1.0"?> 12 -76

C# version? You mean UrhoSharp? I think you’ll find better help here:

i’m not looking for issues but an help to start.
Can you explain me how to use screenjoistick?


Hey alessandro. You can just check out the utilities folder which has a touch and joystick implementation. It’s in angelscript so just make the conversion to C#

Hope that helps.