Trouble with Rotate 3d models

Helo, I am start learning ARCore with UrhoSharp.
Now i try rotate model by users click on display.

It is my method`s when i try rotate models. But it work not correctly. Can you help me?

Sorry, I know I could help you, but apparently, it’s bad form to help people here, if they are using the urho sharp fork. Maybe I can answer your question on their forum.
This forum is devoted to Urho3D public and master forks. Nothing else.

Could, you send me link for UrhoSharp Forum?

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not totally sure since i choose not to use c#, but
might get you somewhere

I’m just trying to keep things (relatively) on-topic and prevent this community from being suffocated through support of a dead fork. Sure, it’s important to be nice, but a line must be drawn somewhere. If UrhoSharp users get better help here - and it’s hard not to - I do believe these forums may be overrun. To me it seems wiser, for everyone, if UrhoSharp users were to switch to either Urho3D or rbfx instead. Support for rbfx - likewise - should not be expected here.

I believe the closest you’ll get to something you could call the UrhoSharp forums is here: