UI Hover event

Do hover events exist in urho, ie. in a user interface, if a player hovers over a button text would appear below it?

There aren’t hover begin/end events as such, so for checking if an element is being hovered, you have to poll its hover state by using the function UIElement::IsHovering().

Then there is the ToolTip UI element which will show automatically after a configured time. It’s used in the editor toolbars. The ToolTip itself doesn’t render anything, so you need to add the content you want to display (image, text etc.) as a child UI element to it.

perfect! Forgot about ToolTip UI element.

Now there are also actual hover events :slight_smile: Though haven’t tested them much.

When i was looking at the drag cancel stuff I noticed there wasn’t a drag start event. Presently I am checking for a ui.dragElement.

There should be (E_DRAGBEGIN).