Unable to run Urho3D samples in Windows 7 on VirtualBox

Been trying to run samples from Urho3D-1.6-Windows-STATIC-3D11, which was downloaded from SourceForge, with no success.
I am running Windows 7 32-bit (with Direct3D11 enabled) on top of VitualBox hosted on Mac.
Below is a screenshot of error log and Direct3D status on dxdiag.

Your help to resolve this problem is very much appreciated.


Only to shed some light,
"The requested functionality is not supported by the device or the driver."

Thank you carnalis. Yes, somehow Direct3D11 was not supported. I was able to run examples in Urho3D-1.6-Windows-STATIC.
Is Urho3D-1.6-Windows-STATIC compiled with OpenGL support?

Thank you again for the pointer,

I am not sure if that version is for GL… Maybe it corresponds to one here?

Apologies if I miss something; I usually build from source.

Yes, those Windows binaries corresponds to urho3d.github.io/latest-news.html
Later I may build Urho3d from source for the hosted Windows 7, as I did for the Mac. I was testing out the possibilities of developing a smallish game for Windows within VirtualBox.

Thanks again for your help.