Unity flyer example port

Test porting Unity’s sample code, a flyer vehicle example using Urho3D 1.4.
Just know that I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on this. I used Urho’s vehicle demo and ported Unity’s flyer code to it.
The vehicle forces haven’t been removed, and you should consider optimizing/fine tuning the flyer sample code.

Edit: added a video of what the flyer looks like with wings on the vehicle

Code removed due to “Unity Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA” that I cannot reproduce or distribute their code.

Is this supposed to achieve something similar to the following video?


I had a link to someone’s Unity Flyer youtube video but removed it since this code sample doesn’t have anything near what was in the video. But I hope this port helps those are trying to make a flyer game.

Cool! This could be a great addition in the Samples and Demos distribution.

added video