Unity3D to Urho3D exporter


I’m looking for the “Unity3D to Urho3D exporter” as shown on the Urho3D main page.
Is this available yet ? I cant seem to find it.

I would like to export some of my Unity scenes to start converting them to Urho3D.


I think he made it to his firm, so it is not open source project and I dont think it is not available anywhere.
But somebody correct if im wrong.

But, check this link:
forum.unity3d.com/threads/export … er.122907/

Blender can export .fbx file which you can convert to urho3d format.
(maybe converter converts .obj files too, I dont remember)
And converter is urho3d_dir/Bin/AssetImporter.exe

model parameter; from dae/fbx/etc to model, no instances, only 1 model file
scene parameter; creates .scene file and multiple .mdl files

The description of the demo video ( youtube.com/watch?v=m3ehQwfbjGg ) at least states that the guy was working on an open source game engine. Who knows, maybe he/the company publishes this when it’s more finished?


I was writing this stuff last year for a game project we were working on. Urho3D was lacking 2D at the time and thus the cocos2d-x integration. The exporter was designed for some preprocess tooling and isn’t general purpose.

  • Josh