Update luabind.c and .h

I had to change some of the code in the engine to suit my needs. But now I am getting lots of errors for the files generated on the fly by tolua++ (all the apibindings .cpp files)
I think it might be because I have to update the toluabind.c and .h files as it says in their header that the files were generated by tolua++ on 10 August so how would I update these 2 files?

Also these files have bytecode. How would I generate it instead of c bindings?


Here is the header of the toluabind.c file

** Lua binding: tolua
** Generated automatically by tolua++-1.0.93 on Mon Aug 10 22:44:52 2015.

#ifndef __cplusplus
#include "stdlib.h"
#include "string.h"

#include "tolua++.h"

You don’t modify those files directly. Instead you modify the .pkg files (found in Urho3D/LuaScript/pkgs in the source tree) that are used to generate the binding files.

Thanks actually it was a problem with binding the Urho3D::String after removing it with the -S switch it compiled cleanly.