Update SDL 2.0.12


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It means the symbol is eliminated in the final Urho3d lib, but that’s not correct. It’s hard to guess the root cause though. Ensure you are using STATIC lib type for SDL. Check the generated SDL config file is identical to previous one before upgrade, or at least it should be similar and diffs are acceptable.

I suppose you are using SHARED lib type for Urho3D lib itself?

Also you have to use the same Urho3D-specific macro to add/setup the SDL lib. You cannot use the CMake command as per original build script from SDL. In the background our macro does a number of heavy lifting. One of the task is to mark which archive containing the *.obj should be used in building the final engine lib.

I’m not using SDL cmake script. I moved all changes to 2.0.12 I could move to the existing Urho3D SDL file.

I’m running cmake script for vs2019 from scripts folder with default settings, so whatever is by default…

By that you should be using STATIC lib type for the engine too. The STATIC lib type is just an archive of all *.obj from Urho3D and all its sub-libs including SDL. So there is no reason for the downstream using the final lib to have missing symbol, unless the symbol is not there in the first place. Can you check the archive from SDL to see if it still has SDL_free? In Linux the archive file is the *.a. Not sure on Windows, *.lib perhaps. In Linux we use “nm” command to check the content of the archive file. Again, not sure on Windows.

Perhaps you should try to use SHARED lib type for the Urho3D lib. This way it should be linked against the SDL lib, so if you have issue with SDL then the problem should hopefully show up while building the engine lib.

Section length 9AA, #relocs 6A, #linenums 0, checksum 5E719D6B
00F 00000000 UNDEF notype () External | SDL_free

With the new SDL build:
00C 00000000 UNDEF notype () External | SDL_free_REAL

Wtf is that _REAL part?

So it seems dynapi wasn’t disabled properly?

@weitjong ok, I’ve missed a change in dynapi header.

Looking into .lib was a good idea, thanks!

Well, it’s a start!


Also my xbox controller works now. So it wasn’t for nothing.I have around 10 files to merge and then it should be ready for review.


@glebedev You must know, it’s good to see you working on Urho proper. :slight_smile:

I guess I didn’t break the LSEEK, right? https://github.com/urho3d/Urho3D/pull/2706/checks?check_run_id=1326432936

No, you didn’t. I have explained it to you separately in the PR.

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I’m also trying to update, SDL 2.0.22, some builds are failing:

Suggestions are welcome