Urho blender exporter can not correctly export animations

I used the tool blender exporter for urho3d to export skeleton animation, but got two warning as following,
You should apply scale to armature Arm…
You should apply scale to object body

when I loaded the skeleton model and play animation, nothing happened.
Somebody encountered this problem or can tell me what happen?
Thank you very much.

Are you using latest exporter from https://github.com/reattiva/Urho3D-Blender ?
If so, what are your export settings?

I’m also having some issues on the Blender exporter. You can try the built-in importer in editor or the 3ds max version.

Reattiva has done awesome work on the blender exporter a month ago and I consider it is now quiet stable.
However if you experience trouble with it you can contribute to its enhancement by reporting bugs to https://github.com/reattiva/Urho3D-Blender and/or sending blend files or pull requests.