Urho Editor crash

Hi, i need help regarding Editor.
I’m running on Mac with this version : Urho3D-1.6-OSX-64bit-STATIC

i am a windows user so i am in trouble.
when i start urho editor from bin directory, it starts, stay open for 2 seconds and then crashes.

i have no ideas how to solve ? can anyone help me?
if you want i can supply crash report.

thanks in advance

this is a small piece :
[Sat May 13 14:13:37 2017] WARNING: Localization::Get(“Import animation…”) not found translation, language=“en”
[Sat May 13 14:13:37 2017] WARNING: Localization::Get(“RibbonTrail”) not found translation, language=“en”
[Sat May 13 14:13:37 2017] ERROR: Scripts/Editor/EditorSpawn.as:65,5 - Exception ‘Null pointer access’ in ''
AngelScript callstack:
Scripts/Editor/EditorSpawn.as:void CreateSpawnEditor():65,5
Scripts/Editor/EditorUI.as:void CreateUI():90,5
Scripts/Editor.as:void FirstFrame():70,5

Editor.sh: line 3: 644 Segmentation fault: 11 $(dirname $0)/Urho3DPlayer Scripts/Editor.as $OPT1 $@

You didn’t say which macOS version you are using. By “Urho3D-1.6-OSX-64bit-STATIC”, I suppose you meant you tried to run using the binary from one of the release build artifacts. The crash could be the result of your macOS version is lower than the deployment target of the prebuilt binary. In any case it is better to build from source directly. On Mac (also Linux), it is as easy as: rake cmake && rake make

thanks for prompt reply.
Allow me a question : do i really need the editor ? or can i use something else like blender?

It depends on your task, you may build the whole game from source code.
Presonally I prefer Editor and de-centralized game logic in scripts (Unity way).

Sure you don’t really need the editor, but it will good to find out what’s causing the crash rather than avoiding the editor entirely. Who knows, the bug (if any) that caused the editor to crash might come back later to bite you in the application.:smiling_imp:

I use the editor mostly for fine-tuning materials and particle effects.

Tanks to all.
The real thing is that i am an old style OO developer and i am new to this kind of programming.
I have no idea on how to approach difficulties.
following samples i’d prefer to do all on code-behind but i understand that it’s quite impossible.
The problem is that at this moment i don’t understand which is the best way to mix code and editor.

another annoying problem is that i’m obliged to use a mac and i am completely inefficient with it.
a simple command line compilation is higher then everest :blush: