Urho Editor

This is the first time I played with the editor, very nice, easy to get into.

Couple of things that comes in mind (Im using windows 7):

  • it should have some icon (which shows in taskbar)
  • I think you apply materials by drag’n’drop them to models, it works but mouse cursor shows “no-no”, should be changed

Couple of features I didnt find which would be cool:

  • 3d-snapping, ie first creating terrain, then put some trees onto it, it gets xyz coords under mouse position and puts tree onto it
  • cant find the term in my head, multimodel-mode maybe, well what I mean is when in this mode, one can put pre-selected model to the scene just by clicking to the scene (just one click adds it to scene, fast way to put lots of trees to scene, maybe create walls with boxes etc)

What do you think?

There is snapping which can be toggled on the toolbar at conguired in the settings. We have something called the ‘spawn editor’ under the ‘view’ menu which puts the objects on the ground where the cursor is.

The no-no cursor thing is a bug.

Wow, that spawn editor is exactly what I need (and meant :slight_smile: ). Had some problems with it so didnt try it before, now I learned to use it.