🏁 Urho Kart

I decided to give Urho some wheels:

Urho has been approved as Super Tux Kart add-on which you can download in-game to take his Stingray for a spin. Two of the current default mascots turned out to not be free culture (Hexley and Beastie) so I’m hoping Urho and/or Toots will qualify.

Toots & Turntable



The attached license is

Urho and his Stingray kart by Frode 魔大农 Lindeijer

License: CC-BY-SA
Texture license: CC0

Just to be sure , Can I use it in my Urho.Net Demo samples ?

They grow up so fast. :slightly_smiling_face:


:scroll::musical_score: Glory to the King

Both are work-in-progress, btw: Urho is not animated beyond steering yet, and the back of Toots’ kart is still somewhat open/undetermined.

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Now I understand where you got your idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, STK did already have Puffy.

So I didn’t introduce the concept of a driving fish to STK. But maybe that’s where the researchers got the idea from. :slight_smile:
Urho controls his kart using a handle that fits his tail.