Urho.Net 2D card game example

I’ve created a 2D solitaire game using Urho.Net. This is in C# using a "kind of " ECS framework. You’ll find it here (GitHub - bayganik/Urho.Net_CardGame_Example: Urho.Net 2D card game using a sudo ECS framework to make solitaire game)


Visual hack: replace red text with orange text, much easier to see on a dark background :).

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Small comment you will have to rename the root folder

Urho.Net_CardGame_Example to CardGameExample
Otherwise it will fail compilation (at least for me)

Thank you so much for the comments :slight_smile:

elix22 are you referring to URHONET_HOME_ROOT ? if so, how do I change that? I see if being referenced during compilation.

No , I am referring to the repo name Urho.Net_CardGame_Example

When you git clone the repo the root folder is Urho.Net_CardGame_Example but it should be CardGameExample

So the folder structure would be CardGameExample/CardGameExample.csproj

When you created the project it was CardGameExample/CardGameExample.csproj
I guess you changed it prior of uploading your project to github