Urho xml scene format document

Hello, where can I find a good description of Urho xml scene format? I mean, if there’s some doc out there which shows scene/nodes/etc structure and attributes… for loading scenes in code…

I am afraid there is none. Done a quick grep in the Doc subdir and found nothing as well. However, since Urho3D is open source, the best documentation is the code for save/load itself.

That’s a start, thank you

I was referring to XML scene structure earlier. For attribute list, we do have a generated page (https://urho3d.github.io/documentation/HEAD/_attribute_list.html), if that is what you are looking for.

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Yes, I’ll be using that too. Checking attributes in code to double check. Still trying to get the big picture…

It’s all done through attributes / Serializable - so you really just have to look at how Variant serializes to XML as far as what the format is going to be.

It gets a little odd with the structure stuff, but thankfully that stuff is barely used. Most everything else is pretty basic.

The rest of it is just node element contains an ID xml-attribute and component elements contain xml-attributes for ID and type (using the string name). You can tell whether something is local or replicated based on the value of the ID (anything >= 16777216 is local, anything else is replicated).

Edit: Except the serialized attribute/object animation. I forgot about that.

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