Urho3d 1.6 error while compiling in visual studio 2015 updat

The title sad it all.
I’ve been trying to compile urho3d 1.6 since 15hrs ago and I can’t understand why it won’t .
Please I need your help

-what errors are you getting?
-have you tried creating a new build folder?

Sorry for the late reply.
About your question, yes I did created new build folders. I’m not home now, but if I remember, when the build was almost through, it stoped and i got lists of errors on the error list, something like c09346(not exactly that but something like that).
I believe the issue is with visual studio 2015 update 3.
Is there an alternative to visual studio to compile urho3d?

I’m using VS2015 Update 3 on Windows 7 64 and it works fine.

Okay, that’s good. Seems the issue is with me. A question to you Enhex, did you compile urho3d in visual studio update 3 or you already compiled it in previous version? Thanks you very much for the swift replies

Compiled it with VS2015 Update 3 a couple of days ago.

Post relevant error messages here if you want anyone to be able to help you.