Urho3D 1.7 release pending work

Cool, make a PR if necessary, if there are minor shader changes needed they should be quick to verify.

I’d like to get some of the bugfixes I’ve made for IK support into master for 1.7 (there’s stack corruption being caused by the angelscript bindings [fixed], a segfault occurs when cutting and pasting a node with effectors in the editor [not fixed], a segfault occurs when changing the algorithm [fixed]).

I’ll work on getting a PR together for this.


Awesome. Just as I’m wrapping up with multi-channel audio and compute/API-hell.


Thanks, that sounds good to get in. Each platform manual tests & compiling the changelog will take some time (over the weekend, likely) in any case.

Hope to spend some time tonight to provide “glue” JS for the MODULE lib type so that the web samples with our default HTML shell run out of the box.


Are you going to investigate the bug that @Enhex discovered before the 1.7 release?

It was my fault, the reason was using too much GPU RAM.
I have more GPU RAM than the users that had the freezes so I couldn’t reproduce it, and couldn’t see it in the profiling tools because they don’t include GPU stuff.

Can anyone else confirming this bug: https://github.com/urho3d/Urho3D/issues/1860? It is super annoying as it wasn’t happening before. When the window opens if I press with the mouse I cannot get any events, If I loose focus and click on something else and then again on the Urho3D window I am getting events.

I encountered a blocker (a bug from Emscripten) and will submit a PR to fix the bug first. In other words, don’t wait for me for the release.

EDIT: after going through their change history, I now think the current Emscripten behavior is as per their design on how the main/side module should work. Thus, the problem is on our side.

I switched machine to another Sierra Mac in the meanwhile, I think I’ve seen the cursor staying visible for some time in the beginning, but not missed events. Will still retest before release. Is your application using visible cursor, or a locked invisible cursor (like NinjaSnowWar)?

I have mouse visible to true. I also have touch emulation enabled.
These are the events I am using:
I only happens in window mode these are my settings:
engineParameters_["FullScreen"] = false; engineParameters_["WindowWidth"] = 1200/2; engineParameters_["WindowHeight"] = 1920/2;

@TheComet how is it going with the IK fixes, any ETA? I still need to compile the changelog and I’ve had minimal free time lately, so no absolute hurry.

It’s about 40% done. I’ve been super busy with exam hell lately, sorry it’s taking this long. I think I should be able to get it to you by next Weekend if that’s alright.

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No problem, that sounds good.

I have solved my blocker issue. The web samples with MODULE lib type for Web platform now built and run out of the box on my test environment. Still not super happy about it because I have to disable the dead-code-elimination on the main module in order to preserve the “exported symbols”. Tomorrow will try to re-enable the DCE on the main module and passing the exported functions (with mangle names) explicitly to Emscripten, if it is even possible.

The EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS setting from Emscripten does not work with C++ mangled symbol names. Similarly, the EMSCRIPTEN_KEEPALIVE attribute only works for C functions and not for C++ type. If only we could tell Emscripten to automatically keep all the symbols that we have tagged with URHO3D_API attribute, that would solve the problem. Unfortunately for that, we have to go deeper into Emscripten itself. Perhaps another time then. I have just merged the feature branch into master and call it a day.

I want to investigate this one a bit before 1.7


Please note also issue #1960, for which I submitted a pull request.

I think I am done with AppleTV port, didn’t think I could make it in time for 1.7 release previously. Just need a confirmation or two whether the feature branch is worthy to be merged into master.

Don’t have the HW to test, though I can of course build on Mac just to see the branch runs OK for me on both Mac + iOS.

The physics 2D issues and other recent issues that can be easily solved are of course good to check, while waiting for the IK fixes.

Then it could be at last time :slight_smile:

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