Urho3D - Anyone using it?

Have anyone tried Urho3D? I’m trying that and using Blender as the modelling and texture software. I’m more familiar with C++ so I think that might be a better option for me. Although it requires a bit more programming.

I do not think so. Not on this forum. :smiley:
And I argee with you. Urho3D & C++ is a better option for me too. More programming but better understanding is quite better than visual programming in Unity3D for example.

I’m in the same boat – strong familiarity with C++ and using Blender for modeling. I would advise using something like the GIMP for textures, though (unless you find Blender’s generated/baked textures and texture painting sufficient).

I would imagine most of the people on the forums have tried Urho. You can look in the Showcase for examples of (more) complete projects.

Since discovering Urho3D, I’ve stopped using anything else.

Unity was the only thing keeping me locked in Megahard Losethese during my year of studying Game Development. I was really happy to find Urho3D and immediately switched back to Linux after only getting the demos to compile. Best switch I made since I went from 3DsMAX to Blender ten years ago. Although it can be said Urho is still young and not fully developed, he came a long way and is still growing. In a good way it seems, but I don’t think I know the beast or its internals well enough to be a good judge of that.

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