Urho3D Chinese Tutorials (Urho3d中文教程)


This topic is written for chinese developers who want to find a guide to Urho3D.

Urho3D is a great game engine. However, few developers in China know about it. I happened to come across Urho3D and find it fascinating. I worked my way through it and, with tutorials and documentations, wrote a few articles about it, all in chinese.

Here is a list of these ariticles:
| — Urho3d
| — 编译Urho3D库
| — Urho3D自建项目
| — Urho3D引擎框架
| — Urho3D数据结构
| — 初识子系统与场景模型
| — 事件与使用
| — 响应用户输入
| — 文字与国际化
| — 场景模型进阶-逻辑与脚本
| — UI研究
| — 场景模型进阶-切换场景
| — 2D场景概述
| — 2D场景-实现鼠标选中场景物体(一)
| — 2D场景-实现鼠标选中场景物体(二)

You can find the details on my site, https://dins.site/navi-coding-chs/. This is a navi page about coding. There’re something else about c++. Just search for Urho3D and you’ll get it.

These articles are not translation. I mixed my own understanding in it, with working codes. I hope this will help chinese developers to get the hang of Urho3D.




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