Urho3D code quality and roadmap

First, I want to congratulate the developers and especially @cadaver for the quality of the code and API.
I looked at UE4 source code and API in the last few days and I was shocked by it’s very poor structure and flexibility.

Second, I want to ask again if the core developers are not willing to follow Godot’s example to continue to develop Urho and start a Patreon and dedicate more time to develop the engine.
There are a few things that are missing that make this engine less attractive to game developers:

  • Metal support
  • consistent release schedule
  • unified shader language (a tool like ShaderConductor might help with that)
  • geometry and compute shaders
    A solution (that was discussed before) would be to use a library like BGFX or Diligent Engine.

How do you guys see the future of Urho3D?

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The main issue is that nobody is really in charge. Of the few original major contributors left, none seem willing to take up the lead of that effort. The devs that are contributing do so sporadically, and a few of them have shifted much of their focus to other projects or forks, and have met with a significant amount of pushback on bringing some of their ideas back to upstream. There are also (I understand) some hefty technical issues with implementing some of the needed upgrades that people have mentioned in the past. Urho is great, but to all appearances it’s dead in the water at this point.

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Any news on this topic ?

Well… it seems like Urho got bisected recently.