[Urho3d Editor] Maya like viewport navigation

Hello ,

I would like to make a request as I am not from Blender background. I am mostly using Maya and Houdini. Is it possible to have Maya like navigation scheme in Urho3d Editor.
For example these would be very useful:

Tumble, Track, or Dolly

Alt + Left mouse button Tumble Tool (press and release)

Alt + Middle mouse button Track Tool (press and release)

Alt + Right mouse button Dolly Tool (press and release)

f - to focus on selected object ( zooms into the selected object in the direction of the camera)

knowledge.autodesk.com/support/m … s-htm.html

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It should be noted that the current method of Urho3D Editor navigation is not a bit like a navigation in Blender.

And I’d like that, would it have been like in a blender)