Urho3D for Game AI

Hello everybody!

I am a PhD student working on GameAI.
At the moment I am trying to develop a simple wrapper of Ogre3D and Bullet3.
The idea is to have the AI being trained in the physics simulator and use the 3D rendered to let humans play against it.
The initial 2D project in python and can be found at https://github.com/MichelangeloConserva/TotalWarSimulator.

I was suggested to have a look at Urho3D by the Ogre3D community.
Do you think that Urho3D can be adapted to my necessities?


I don’t see why not… you will have to learn how to develop an Urho3D app though.

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Hello and welcome to the forums! :confetti_ball:

I too can think of no reason why not, and Urho is a flexible fish. :tropical_fish:

Bullet version looks okay (thanks @1vanK and @S.L.C edit: Mentioned for dropping this link before :wink: )

Years of community conversation and diverse contributions have made the forum a valuable resource in its own right.

The Urho3D Wiki is easily missed and underdeveloped, but editors have tried to keep some popular topics there that may save time; for example New project template for a framework.

Here’s to a smooth start if you choose, and feel free to let us know how things are going. :slight_smile:


I have no idea why I’m mentioned as I haven’t really contributed back anything worthy of mention (probably a typo). But thanks, I guess :smiley:


I’ve mostly resorted to using Urho privately and keeping my changes privately in order to avoid the drama currently going around here.

To be on topic: Yes you can adapt the engine to just about anything due to its modular design. One of the things I respect most from this engine and why I find it more suitable than anything c++ out there.

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Very interesting! These phalanx colliding caught me.


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