Urho3D from the scratch


Another update:

If you have any more ideas, please share them!


Holy crap this is so amazing! :smiley:


Just throwing random ideas:

  • Control for mouse sensitivity, invert X/Y
  • Same for joystick (left/right stick sensitivity, invert, etc)
  • Field of view, brightness, gamma, for video settings
  • Credits screen
  • Graphics quality presets (Low, Normal, Good, Ultra, etc) which are just presets of other video configurations (enable aa, etc)
  • Dynamic cvar menu: Imagine a “Game” settings tab that allows you to select a list of cvars there to display, so some game settings can be easily tweaked by the player (third/first person, help, etc)


Thanks for the ideas! :+1:
This should keep me busy for some time.
Added them all to my to-do list


I don’t know if that’s what you are looking for, but if you consider network to be a part of your project, then the whole Host Game/Join Game structure results in a lot of work. Done that whole thing for a game I was working on in UDK (i know…) and wow… what a boatload of work!


I have thought about this, I have pretty good background of the Urho3D networking system and I also have some projects that I can try to use as a base for this, but the only issue is that for those who don’t want the networking part of this sample, it should be easibly removable.
I’m on vacation next week, so I guess I will have more time to think about this.


To be honest this is an awesome work!! Keep it up


Might not be related at all to what you are aiming for, but having an example for splitscreen multiplayer would be nice (the difficult part is handling 4+ inputs).


I don’t think handling the input should actually be that hard - you just shift from a per-game controller configuration to a per-character/player one (I’ve also never done it, though). Unless you mean handling more than four players…


It isn’t that difficult, the only problem here is handling all the in-game events for each of the players - seperate GUI’s, health, ammo etc.


I succesfully created small multiplayer (splitscreen) game by using different controllers (joysticks). I’m planning to add this sample to the repo this week. I was kinda suprised that it took <1 hour to create it on top of the Urho3D-Empty-Project. Besides that I’m also planning to finish these things:

  • Configuration saving

  • Audio manager - all the ingame audio lifetime will be handled by this

  • Mouse and joystick configuration tabs - sensitivity, inverted controls etc.

Already finished:

  • Graphics settings are applied when you hit Save button in the configuration window

  • Same for audio. I added few sample sounds so you could test it out

  • Credits screen added, new button in the main menu


That’s cool! How many players did you manage to get before affecting FPS?


I had pretty simple scene so I was not able to test the performance


I don’t know if you still need ideas, but couple more came to my head:

  • i18n
  • MOTD: fetch content from API call and render
  • Framerate cap in graphics settings
  • Enable/disable fullscreen
  • Quake-style sure you want to quit?



Best thing about having many things in to-do list is that I can switch from task to task and it doesn’t get boring. :slight_smile:
Also, in the next update I will start a new thread in discoure, so we can continue the conversation there.


@Miegamicis Thank you sooooo much for your work on this!! It makes it so much easier for me to come back to Urho3D for some games and projects I want to start with this engine :smiley:

I just wish there was a way to get JavaScript officially into Urho3D; I would work JS miracles like I used to do for DX Studio (r.i.p) :heart_eyes:


If you want JS, there’s https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine