Urho3D Game Jam!

Welcome to the Urho3D Game Jam!

This is a game jam centered around the budding engine, Urho3D. There are a few criteria to meet:

[li]It is highly encouraged that you use the latest release of the Urho3D engine, version 1.32. Binaries and source code can be downloaded from the main page. You may use the latest nightly release, but you take responsibility for any issues arising from using an unstable version.[/li]
[li]Do not use copyrighted assets in your game unless you have copyright permission. This includes things such as logos, music, and other assets that may cause a complaint.[/li]
[li]Source code is not required, but is highly recommended.[/li]
[li]Have fun.[/li][/ul]
Additionally, each jam will be centered around a theme. This is a guideline more than a strict rule, so please be creative.

Today’s theme: Boardgames

The jam is live! Please click here to be taken to the main page. I encourage everyone to post their submission on the forums as well!

Update: The jam has ended! Congrats to practicing01 and BlueMagnificent for participating.

I’m a big fan of game jamming so I’ll probably jump in on this, although I’ll definitely be submitting an incomplete buggy mess as that’s about as much time as I’ll have !

I’m personally a big fan of the weekend format(48/72 hours) due to time constraints and lower quality expectations (although it is much more difficult if you don’t have the whole weekend cleared out).

The rules make sense, but I wish we had an updated official release already because 1.32 is ancient !

I just spent a week trying to figure out how to get the latest working, I ain’t going back to 1.32 >:P. I don’t understand why running the game jam excludes you from participating. I’m on linux and will not test the other platforms but I’m not going to have platform-dependant code (source will be released). If you change the version requirement then I’d be willing to participate :slight_smile:.

i am in :slight_smile:

one suggestion is to use indiegamejams.com/ for more exposure.
and to release Urho3D 1.32.1 or so …

I’ll share some tips for anyone wanting to enter:
[ul][li]Skip C++, use the Angelscript or Lua bindings (I prefer Angelscript) as you’ll get going a lot quicker and have the benefit of using the editor to instantly check for syntax errors if you’ve loaded a script instance into it.[/li]
[li]Make a practice game using the tools you’ll use in the jam, before the jam starts – if you’re a bit rusty your time will disappear very fast in the jam. Create a script, create a script object, import assets into urho, practice using the Editor and if you are going to use C++ then practice setting up a project and building it.[/li]
[li]Aim low/realistically in the jam-- there isn’t that much time ![/li][/ul]

Those are my personal opinions anyway, good luck :smiley:

Edit: One thing I noticed is that the jam coincides with 7DRL, which is quite a popular jam. Bonus points for doubling up jams.

1.32 doesn’t seem appropriate to me :confused: cause lots of improvements have been made over the past weeks

I agree the head version is much better than 1.32 but one problem is that if a solid version(s) isn’t chosen that could lead to some issues… :confused:

I understand wanting the latest and greatest. Hopefully we can make it more accessible in future jams, but there are pros/cons to either way.

This is exactly why I’m against using the latest version. There were many changes that people will have to deal with, which isn’t ideal for a time-limited week-long jam. It would be a shame to have people bailing out because they spent too long getting the latest revision to work.

Remember: 1.32 has binary releases on this page available for use. That should allow quick access to building your projects against 1.32.

It’s because the parameters of the game jam are chosen at the start. That would obviously give me an advantage if I decided to start working on my entries weeks ahead of time :wink:

[quote=“scorvi”]i am in :slight_smile:
my master thesis is finally finisched :slight_smile: and i can do some programming ^^

one suggestion is to use indiegamejams.com/ for more exposure.
and to release Urho3D 1.32.1 or so …[/quote]

Good idea. Will do this for future jams, but I would like to call this jam more of an experiment :wink:

Most notably 1.32 uses the old #include structure which makes porting current applications to the old version annoying although trivial.

I’m just going to bump this to remind everyone the time draws near.

Here’s a timer, I believe it’s correct, I could be mistaken: timeanddate.com/countdown/to … am+1&csz=1

The jam is live! Please click here to be taken to the main page.

I have updated the first post to reflect this.

Due to popular demand, I have removed the version restriction for now. If this becomes an issue, we will revisit the topic for later jams.

Huzzah!: practicing01.itch.io/jengaurho

BTW, The jam page states there are no submissions yet. Might want to check that :wink: