Urho3D loss of input focus when sliding a scroll view

Hi im working on a IOs graphical application that has a urho graphical window positioned at the middle of the screen and a scroll view with some buttons beneath it.

Now Urho stops the Update loop when the app looses input focus.
This is all well and good except i don’t want it to loose focus when sliding a simple scroll view.

Only after the sliding operation ends that Urho resumes its update loop. Press and holding also causes urho to stop doing update loops.

How do i mantain input focus while my slide view is operational?

EDIT: Anyone out there?

You can try SetPausedMinimized(false)


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The problem i was having was related to having Input.Enabled = false before which made it ignore my SetPausedMinimized(false).

But thank you anyways :slight_smile: