Urho3D project is listed on the first page search result

Search on this keyword “3D game engine” on Google in incognito mode :grinning:

Let’s hope it stays there for a few days before our search rank changes again.


Same for DuckDuckGo! :smile:

Looks like we’re in a battle with Panda, Unity and Godot.


Not really a battle given how much faster Urho is. Speed always pulls me back to it.

Have no fear, Panda devs mysteriously divined the same Vander-Corput sequence as UE4 devs did, all digits exactly the same, such magic proves their union approved by the most high of BRDFs.

To match source data with others, it could only be by divine intervention!

Yeah, godot is actually much much worse. Roll a D20 on whether Godot will acknowledge code or not. While I’m looking at a block verbatim ripped out of Horde3D that’s inside in Godot.

… but I don’t see Godot in the list… strange…

Opened Godot source code some times ago, wanted to try to adapt and use with c++…
I recoiled back in horror… never dared that again…

Urho is the only serious FOSS game engine. The rest is a joke. :smiling_imp:



What I do like the most on Urho3D is that you have a ‘code first’-approach. You have full control from the start…no shitty ‘wysiwyg’-editor… …what makes it obviously a bit more difficult to impossible for non coders to use the engine. I hope I’m not rude when I say that this is for me also a pro for us :sweat_smile:

Hehe, yeah. I had two pullrequests there. The first was a two-liner and got through immediately. The other one helped using the navmesh-generation. First they said they will revamp the whole navmesh-system. After 1.5 years it got more or less in (pushed by someone else). But they have hundreds of pending pullrequests. So it must be a horror to maintain this. They have one dedicated person funded by their patreon working fulltime on managing just this…but I do want godot to succeed. I couldn’t get used to it…