Urho3D supports which version of the DirectX SDK?

I am a Chinese, don’t know much about English, this paragraph of word you may not see, please forgive me!
I use CMAKE to generate Urho3D Engineering (DirectX), will be in error (OPENGL display mode is not), ask the Urho3d to support what month DirectX SDK? By the way Urho3d is the author of a country
??? CMAKE??Urho3D???DirectX???OPENGL???Urho3d???DirectX SDK???Urho3d???

Directx 9. At the top of the building instructions:

A download can befound here: microsoft.com/en-us/download … px?id=6812

Tank you.

You’re welcome. Good luck, have fun!

Thank you for your wishes?I also hope that Urho3D can be better and better?Support Urho3D Engine?

The main author is Lasse ??rni. He is from Finland (??).