Urho3D tutorials for beginners?

I can’t follow up the examples , I am looking up for tutorials, but can’t find any, so if there’s no tutorials available, how can I start learning Urho3D ? better tell how you learned it ?

we are a group of three students who wants to do serious project using Urho3D, so please point out how to learn the key concepts, Also Urho3D is so awesome but why there is no official tutorials ?


I strongly suggest to take a read at the documentations here and here.

They are not really tutorials but contain pretty good documentation for an Open Source engine.

I’ve learned the basics of Urho3D by reading the documentations and by breaking the examples in parts such as changing the mushrooms positions, modify the cameras and so on.

I really suggest to start with C++, code looks really clean.
A good starting point for me was this page especially the “Application Framework” part.

I’m pretty sure someone who had been here longer than me can also point you to actual tutorials too.


The 4 pilars are:

  • the examples :
    Almost all basic features are demonstrated in the examples and they are well sorted in terms of difficulty. Code is also heavily commented. Master the examples, modify them, make them yours, then you will be able to do a lot of things by yourself.

  • the documentation :
    Not everything that you read will make sense in the beginning, but it’s good practice to read it completely at least a couple of times, then come back to it when need be

  • the wiki

  • this forum, where almost every basic question has already been answered

I would not advise looking elsewhere for beginners.