Urho3D V1.4 released


Out now! Highlights include D3D11 / GL3.2 rendering, Emscripten support (experimental), build system refactoring, and DetourCrowd navigation from Sinoid et al. Thanks also to everyone else who contributed.

Release post: urho3d.github.io/releases/2015/0 … lease.html
Source code: github.com/urho3d/Urho3D/archive/1.4.zip
SourceForge file archives: sourceforge.net/projects/urho3d/ … rho3D/1.4/


superb! great work everyone.


Thank you everyone for such a great open source game engine <3. Over the last 8 months at work we have been working really hard on release a new web site and I am finally getting some slack to get back to working on gamedev!

<3 <3 <3,

Anyone have any new goodness they are working on or ideas for future features?


There is a post on reddit concerning the release:
reddit.com/r/gamedev/comment … e_release/





As I’ve watched Urho3D develop, commit by commit, I must say that I’m really impressed by the passions and contributions driving this project :smiley: .



Awesome work to all! Urho took some huge steps forwards in this version, it’s great to be able to get everyone back onto the same page.


This looks nice, will be here in the near future support to OpenGL 4.0 to equal the D3D11 support ?


The D3D11 backend in Urho3D, as it works at present, doesn’t do anything that couldn’t be done with OpenGL3.2. This depends on whether we get contributions for graphics features that would require moving past 3.2. Doing it just for the sake of having a higher number is not a good idea, as it would reduce the potential compatibility, or complicate the code if it would contain both GL3 & GL4 codepaths.


This is awesome, another great release Congrats! :slight_smile:


Decent! Great work people.


thank you all for this great work!!


Thank you for the amazing work.


Thanks so much to the Urho team! Great job!