Urho3DPlayer and android


  • Downloaded Urho3d from github.
  • Got libUrho3D.so and libUrho3DPlayer.so files from Urho3D-1.6.964-Android-SHARED-snapshot.tar.gz
  • Copied urho assets to Urho3D/Android/assets

I get Urho3D/Android/bin/Urho3D-debug.apk when I write (in Urho3D/Android)
ant debug

So how to make working apk-file which includes libUrho3D.so, libUrho3DPlayer.so and some angelscript file?
I dont know where to copy those libraries, and dont know how apk then starts libUrho3DPlayer.

Well, Android build of Urho is a mystery for me too, will wait for answers too…

Got player to work.
I dont know how to use SHARED version but I downloaded Urho3D-1.6.964-Android-STATIC-snapshot.tar.gz and copied libUrho3D.a and libUrho3DPlayer.so to Urho3D/Android/libs/armeabi-v7a and then

ant debug

and got Urho3D-debug.apk which starts NinjaSnowWar.