Urho3dplayer in arabic(?)

Not sure what happened here. Does Urho3DPlayer get locale from somewhere? I’ve basically taken the exact same files I was using for years and brought them to a fresh manjaro linux install (all vanilla english). Not a big deal but weird.

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Irrelevant to the issue, but I don’t think that’s Arabic. It looks more like something Brahmic to me.

Definitely Tamil, I’d say.

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Take fire on your PC and throw in your window! :grinning:

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I have never used Manjaro Linux before, but most probably its installer did not setup the locale properly or that it expects you (the user) to configure it yourself after installation. I would try the following commands as root to fix the issue:

locale-gen $lang
update-locale LANG=$lang


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I don’t know but working in a completely different language would be a big deal to me : /

Well it’s only that error popup for urho player. I dont use the editor. An IDE and the scripting api webpage is all I use really. I definitely don’t speak Tamil or whatever this is lol.
@weitjong will try this, thanks. That makes sense.

yep am an Arab and that’s definitely not arabic :wink: