Urho3dPlayer won't output log on cmd (Windows 7 x64)

I started to use AngelScript using Urho3DPlayer. But one thing that bother me, I can’t see output log or error on my command line. Print() function doesn’t display anything too. I use Windows 7 x64.

If I run script with this command on cmd:

Urho3dPlayer.exe Data\Scripts\MyScript.asCmd just run Urho3DPlayer and won’t halt outputting log like if I use Linux. Cmd will continue to accept command like nothing happens despite Urho3dPlayer is running.

What happens? Do I need to set something?

This is a duplicate of topic374.html

Oh, my bad. I think I need to improve my search skill. :wink:
Thanks for the answer btw.

If you have more questions regarding this, please post it there.

Saya kunci topik ini agar tak ada yg nyasar ke sini :smiley: