Urhocraft: 4-Player Online Board Game to Remember This Community's History

Urho3D is a great game engine. Then how about a game that is about Urho3D itself? As a result, I made an auction type online board game “UrhoCraft” with World_Gate platform. (For World_Gate please see the other post)

The goal of this game is to remember the community’s history. You can see the major contributors and some projects made with Urho3D in this game. The images are collected from forum.

Here is a demo video.

Game settings:
4 players will use resource cards to try to finish projects.
Each project requires certain skill levels. The requirement can be hard to meet, so players need to cooperate and finish the project together.
Each project offers certain points when finished. Players need to negotiate and compete with each other to get the best possible points.
When game ends whoever has the highest points wins the game.

Game rules in a nutshell: if you know the board game I’m the Boss, you are good to go.

Game rules explained in details:
4 players start with 5 cards in hand. The game continues for 24 turns.
In each turn, a new project will be shown on field as well as the required skills to finish it and the points it offers. Now players can freely use cards and claim how many points they want.
There’re two types of cards. One is contributor. This type has skills on it and can be placed onto field. The other type is tactical card, which has special effects to make the game more interesting.
One player will become host for this turn. The host can decide which players can participate in this project by clicking the avatars. When project requirements are met, that is there’re enough contributors to meet the skill level and points are distributed properly, host can conclude the deal. All participants will get the points they want and use the contributors on field. The host will get an additional card as bonus. The host can also choose to pass the project and draw 2 cards instead. Whatever the choice, the turn will end.

There’s an additional element in this game. Each project has a type: blue, green or yellow. Each player will get a secret goal at the start of the game. The goal will be something like if you finish certain type of projects, you will gain additional points in the end.
When 24 turns have passed, the game ends. Whoever has the highest score wins the game.

How to play:
Go to this page and download World_Gate client.
(The client is made with Urho3D. It is free to use, collects no personal info, no background activity)
After starting the client, click search button and search by name. You can download this world now.

When the world is ready, click the flag button in the welcome window and you can spot Urhocraft.

Quick join and enjoy!

Right now all servers are located in NYC. Please have some patience if you live outside US.
Waiting for 4 players may not be an easy stuff.