UrhoSharp Walkthrough


Charles Petzold just did a short presentation introducing Urho and how to experiment with it interactively using Xamarin Workbooks.

You can watch his presentation here:


I really wish more people would support urhosharp or for everyone to switch to C#, hehe.

I did enjoy the video!

Personally, however, I prefer coding in C++, and I feel like I can optimizing a bit better. I’ve switch over from Unity/UE4 to Urho because of how well the C++ framework is laid out. Here’s a video to also consider, showing the optimization benefits of C++ vs C#, (although whether or not you’ll need C++ to optimize your app is dependent on the app itself). :slight_smile:

I think C++ will always be my first love - but C# is making my life so much easier :smiley: