Use terrain and UIComponent

In “Hello3DGUI” sample, if create a terrain, just copy the code from “VehicleDemo”, there are lots of warnings:
WARNING: RAY_TRIANGLE_UV query level is not supported for TerrainPatch component

Looks like we need way to set ray mask for UIComponent

Thank you. I have added “CHECK” code and tested, but warnings still appear, and performance is bad as before.

Can you check what callstack leads to this warning? Who is trying to ray-cast TerrainPatch with level RAY_TRIANGLE_UV?

Who is trying to ray-cast TerrainPatch with level RAY_TRIANGLE_UV ?


Making this warning is very simple, just copy code from 19_VehicleDemo in CreateScene() as follow:
// Create heightmap terrain with collision
Node* terrainNode = scene_->CreateChild(“Terrain”);

To 48_Hello3DUI sample in InitScene() as follow:
###copied here###
auto* zone = scene_->CreateComponent();

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