Using occlusion culling

I’m having a lot of custom geometry meshes. How can I use occlusion culling for the scene? I’ve elaborated a bit with the renderer to set different settings for occluder-functions but debugging the scene is says “0 Occluders” and there are not fewer triangles even though I know some meshes are completely hidden by others.

Am I missing something? Or how can I achieve occlusion culling for my scene?

You pick a few large static models in the scene and set them as occluders in the editor, or in the code. Don’t make all objects occludes, keep your occlusion-pass light and simple. If occluder model has too many polys, it is better to make a proxy mesh and put inside it.

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Ah I see. But do I set a node or a model as occluder? And do you have an example how to do that (in C++)? (I can’t find any related function for Node/Model in the docs)

Ok, so large poly meshes might be better to create a extra mesh “boundingbox”-style to use a occluder?

The occluder flag is set on Drawable components - like the StaticModel or AnimatedModel - using the SetOccluder method.

A Model is not a component, it is a Resource.

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ok, can I set a occluders to billboardsets as well? In order to occlude billboards?

I’m honestly not sure. All Drawables are set to be occludees by default. But occlusion inclusion seems to require the Drawable::AddTriangles function to be called. Which the BillboardSet doesn’t do. But I might be overlooking something.