Using Script Instance node to move models in editor

Is it possible to use the Script Instance component to move objects in the editor’s play mode?
Currently i have the script instance as a child of Sphere node along with a static model. The plan is to make the object bounce in the editors play mode.

Yes. For example:

  • Create -> Builtin object -> Box.
  • Add ScriptInstance component to the box node.
  • Pick Scripts/ as the “Script File” attribute
  • Type Rotator into “Class Name”
  • If the script was compiled successfully, the “rotationSpeed” attribute (a script public variable) should appear in the inspector. Type something large, for example 50 0 0
  • Start the play mode
  • Object should rotate.

The Rotator script rotates the script’s own node. To move the parent, you would just access node.parent in the script instead.

thanks that worked perfectly