Using Sliders and Scrollbars - control does not respond to mouse input

I have created a simple GUI in XML with a slider. It displays “as expected” however, it won’t drag the slider control. No matter what I do, the slider or even the scroll bar doesn’t move. Even after fiddling about with the range attribute.

I haven’t seen any C++ examples of Slider/scrollbar usage and I was wondering if perhaps I have to subscribe to events before the slider or scrollbar control will respond. Do I have have to manually intercept drag start and end events and set the scrollbar value myself?

If the control should move by itself without registering for events; what could the cause be?

You probably didn’t set the range properly. There are samples using Slider and Scrollbar although indirectly (ListView uses ScrollView whcih in turn uses ScrollBar).

The range was set properly - the control was not even gaining focus when the mouse moved over it.

I have since last evening, after sleeping on the problem a little, fixed the cause. The code is for a demo for my book, and in the base class for my application, I was somehow grabbing the grabbing the mouse. It was code left over from when I copied over one of the samples to get my own basic application working.