🎮 heXon available through itch.io

People running 64-bit Linux can now acquire heXon through itch:

Source can be found on GitLab:


This looks great. Like, the shading and effects all look fantastic. Great work!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Very original game concept and I really like smooth graphics fx in the game.

heXon can now be played with four players! Check out the itch.io page for an updated binary.

This looks cool! I’ll need to give it a try

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heXon is mentioned in this list on curatable.net:

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I’ve been working on heXon this week and updated the version on itch. Apparently this did not go unnoticed to Erik Letson who’s in the middle of launching FOSSGN. heXon got featured in one of the first articles on this new website dedicated to free and open source games! :smiley:


wow! nice!
im considering this a new “learning demo” like the others 40+ demos.
thx for release this, its being really cool of you

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:
Be aware that my workflow is quite chaotic, I jump between projects and their constituent facets a lot. Hence do not expect the code to be polished or otherwise class material. Also, feel free to point out any anomalies you may encounter by opening an issue or PR on GitLab.

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