Visual Studio 2013 fails with 1.7

Visual Studio 2013 build fails with multiple errors like this in Urho3D/Core/Variant.h:

Error 1 error C2621: 'Urho3D::VariantValue::vector2_' : illegal union member; type 'Urho3D::Vector2' has a copy constructor
Errors repeat for every member of the union VariantValue.

It seems after refactoring Variant in PR #2097 brakes the build with VS2013. Any ideas for a workaround ?

Use C++11-compatible compiler. I’m sorry, but you cannot use Visual Studio 2013 anymore.
To be precise, 1.7 must work perfectly. Any commits above 1.7 may not.

Yeah sorry for the misleading title, I meant to update to 1.7 but pulled latest from master. It works fine with VS2017 and my gcc/clang build is fine too, just making sure it has been noticed. Thanks.

In that case I think we should remove the cmake_vs2013.bat file from master branch as well.