War Priest is finally here

I’ve been working on this thing since February 2017 using this engine, and I ought to show it to you.

It’s a 3D platforming bullet hell where all enemies are dead at the start of the level, and you must revive them all and return to the altar while running away from their attacks. Features low-poly Nintendo 64 graphics and gratuitous manliness.

It takes place in the aftermath of a brutal holy war between sects of a fictional, monolithic religion. You are Grungle the War Priest, and you must go about the business of reviving all of those who died, but the ancient feuds still remain, and your fellow corrupted clergy will do all that they can to hurt you.

Urho3D served me pretty well, overall, in the making of this game. I did have some hang-ups with it, though. I think after a little bit I will write something up about my experience of using the engine. It was a pretty big journey, because the game actually started out as a first person shooter with an entirely different mechanic.

Pay what you want for it here, or here, or just download it straight from my website tophatdemon.com


Looks really nice and playable .
Courious on how well will it run on a mobile device

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Man, that’s pretty cool. :smile:
Those sinking statues are just classic.

I’d be interested to read about your experiences. What did you use to create the levels for this game?

Can we expect a Linux version in the future, btw? :penguin:

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Looks like a cool game idea.

Although I understand you are going for a Nintendo 64 bit look with the graphics, may I suggest larger texture tiling to reduce a bit the repetitive pattern, especially for larger surfaces, such as water, etc.

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For the levels, I just used the Urho3D editor. The code found “placeholder” nodes and added the necessary components and properties to make them an actual part of the game. The maps were modeled by hand in Blender, which was a huge pain in the neck, but I did have this “Level Buddy” plugin that did some automatic texture mapping for me, and a python script that I wrote to generate a material list. If I could have done it differently, I would have worked more on streamlining the level creation process, because I believed that was the main reason the project took so long. As for Linux support, I wouldn’t rule it out, but it might not be for a while. I have a difficult time setting up a Linux virtual machine that will run anything faster than 2 FPS, and I could really use a break from this project.

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Really nice work. I look foward to reading about your experience of bringing an idea to finished product with Urho.

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Amazing job here. Any chance we could get this on the website slideshow?

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I like it. I just bought it on GJ and started playing a bit. I like the gamecube-like game feeling :wink:
Too bad I’m still at work :wink: